Plot-Driven Stories

I have mentioned in several descriptions of the series that the Alcubierre Metric Connection stories are plot driven. In preparation for writing this post explaining what that means, I Googled “plot driven stories” in order to see how others had defined the term and find a few sites to provide for you to compare other opinions with mine. The result was not what I had expected.

Although there are a wide variety of opinions about whether plot-driven stories are desirable, there is little disagreement as to what they are, and the first site at the top of my search list had an excellent post about the contrast between plot-driven and character-driven stories. If I were to have written my own description, it would have been remarkably like that one, so here is the link to it instead:

I have always been one of those who have preferred plot-driven stories, and the plot is what excited me when the idea for Wake Turbulence first erupted in my head in 2011. The story, of course, produced characters. They developed lives of their own and their lives became significantly character-driven, so in the end the book was driven both by its plot and by its characters. CATSPAW evolved the same way. I think that mix is essential for good novels regardless of which mode predominates, and I’m delighted that my characters made it happen.

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