Welcome to My Stories

Welcome to My Stories

Frank Merceret

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Another Author You Might Like

This post is different from my previous ones because it deals with someone else’s novel rather than my own or things related to it, but this was too good to pass up. In December I saw a Facebook post about Eric Michael Craig’s book Legacy of Pandora. I was already a fan of his work,…


My wife and I have the pleasure of learning and performing Improv at the Surfside Playhouse in Cocoa Beach. Recently, hurricanes Ian and Nicole took a toll on their roof. To help them recover the $50K it took to make the necessary repairs, I am making a $10 contribution to Surfside for every Alcubierre Metric…

Progress on Collision Course

Collision Course is finally on the way. Today I designed a faster than light spacecraft. That was fun! I also defined the its crew. Two months ago I wouldn’t have imagined this much progress. I have a well defined story line, finally, and some new characters. This is starting to be fun again!

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