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Wake Turbulence – An Alcubierre Metric Connection Novel

A spectacular blast rips the heavens in broad daylight over the Indian Ocean south of Australia,  damaging military and civilian satellites of the world’s major powers. Their armed forces go on high alert globally.

The Russians blame the United States and accuse them of violating the Outer Space Treaty. The US government won’t confirm or deny it.

Louisiana Applied Physics Institute physicists Lee Markson and Katty Clarke are assigned by their department chairman to join the world-wide search for the origin of the event yet the more compelling the evidence they gather for the answer they suspect, the more vigorously he opposes it.

Without warning or explanation, the US Department of Defense confiscates and classifies data critical to their continuing investigation of the phenomenon and tries to discredit even the discussion of their suspicions. Then Markson disappears and Clarke finds her personal character under vicious attack in social media.

Find out why in the hard science fiction thriller, Wake Turbulence, an Alcubierre Metric Connection novel by the author of its highly rated prequel CATSPAW.

Contains adult language and adult situations.

Wake Turbulence Paperback:

Wake Turbulence eBook

CATSPAW – An Alcubierre Metric Connection novel

Can Alcubierre’s faster than light theory send a signal back in time? Renegade physicist Lee Markson thinks so and investment wizard Ken Huntsman plans to use it to make them rich.

When Huntsman proposes that his firm hire Markson and invest a hundred and twenty million dollars to design and test a prototype of Markson’s proposed device, Chief Financial Officer JoAnne Woodbine objects. She calls it illegal junk science. When the firm approves the project, she is determined to destroy it and, if necessary, Huntsman and Markson with it.

Will their time machine make them billions? Not before it costs Huntsman his job and the FBI is knocking at Markson’s door.

Contains adult language.


CATSPAW Paperback:

First Verses – A chapbook

Twenty-four short poems, mostly light but some with bite. Thirty pages of largely humorous, rhyming metric poetry, but there are also haiku, free verse, a pantoum, and even a song parody or two. Each poem includes a description of how the author came to write it and why he chose to include it in his first published collection of verse. Some of them have won awards or been published elsewhere while others appear here for the first time in public. An enjoyable,  easy and relaxing read.

First Verses paperback:

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