New Physics Paper Coinciding with Release of Wake Turbulence Uses Casimir Effect Like CATSPAW

An open access paper (which means you can download it for free) recently published in a peer reviewed physics journal is an amazing and gratifying coincidence. The lead author is Harold “Sonny” White who I acknowledged as having inspired Wake Turbulence with his 2011 seminar on the Alcubierre metric. The content has to do with generating that metric using the quantum Casimir effect which was the core of the plot of CATSPAW. Here’s the citation and link:

Regular Article – Theoretical Physics Eur. Phys. J. C (2021) 81: 677

Regular Article – Theoretical Physics

Worldline numerics applied to custom Casimir geometry generates unanticipated intersection with Alcubierre warp metric

Harold White1a, Jerry Vera1, Arum Han2,3,4,5, Alexander R. Bruccoleri6 and Jonathan MacArthur6


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