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This post is different from my previous ones because it deals with someone else’s novel rather than my own or things related to it, but this was too good to pass up. In December I saw a Facebook post about Eric Michael Craig’s book Legacy of Pandora. I was already a fan of his work, so I bought it. It was a series of his with which I was not familiar but because of the caliber of his work I expected it to be good. I was more than right, and was delighted to review it on Amazon. I have included that review at the end of this post.

I am posting this because this weekend is an opportunity to get this magnificent book at a discount. He is promoting it on a “countdown deal” from the 15th to the 19th of January with the lowest prices being the 15th, 16th, and 17th. I thought I’d pass it along. If you tell your friends about it, please don’t forget to also recommend Wake Turbulence and CATSPAW.

Below is my five-star review for Amazon:

Legacy of Pandora is the first book in Eric Michael Craig’s “Shan Takhu Legacy’ series. I had read one book of his previously and had another in the queue because the first was quite good. When my attention was called to this one, I downloaded it to my Kindle without a second thought and began browsing the opening pages. The one in the queue had to wait, because I couldn’t put this one down.

Craig has multiple strengths as a writer. His characters are fully three-dimensional and intriguing. His plots are complex and credible, and he presents them in such a way that you can quickly grasp their substance but haven’t a clue about their outcome. I admire his ability to paint a scene with rich descriptions of sights, sounds, smells and actions.

There was one exceptional aspect of the writer’s craft that I especially appreciated as I read Legacy of Pandora. I have always found it difficult to remember and keep track of characters and events in novels with complex casts and plots, and this one is definitely loaded in both categories. He solved my problem through the novel’s structure. Each chapter is a slice in time. Within each chapter are scenes, each of which is limited to a small number of characters and events such that I could easily follow who was doing what to whom, when, and usually why. When the scene changes, the new characters and events don’t require me to keep track of the details of the previous scene – just the connections in the overall plot line or lines related to that scene. Near the end, he pulls all the pieces together and simplifies them in a way that even I could follow by the time I got there. Thank you, Eric!

A great story beautifully written which makes for an easy and rewarding read.

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