Wake Turbulence is Here!

As the freighter Sensei Maru steamed eastward in the Indian Ocean, about 140 nautical miles southwest of Adelaide enroute from the Middle East to Melbourne, optical and radio telescopes over that half of the globe reported strong signals at wavelengths ranging from radio waves through light and even up to gamma rays. At each instrument, the recorded signal looked like a single, large pulse that decayed quickly. Globally, these pulses occurred nearly simultaneously.

At the moment the telescopes were seeing the pulses, Captain Takahashi was on deck taking a smoke and catching the breeze. He was startled by a sudden, brilliant apparition in the sky. The collision of two aircraft? Should he report it to someone? He went to the bridge and contacted his company. After a short discussion with a company officer, he was told that they would notify Australian authorities and he should make a log entry describing what he’d seen.

At 4:45 PM Central Australian Standard Time, Takahashi entered the following:

15 September 0703 UTC – a bright flash of light appeared in the sky to starboard about ten degrees down from the zenith, almost due south of our position, which I estimate was 36.925 S, 137.04 E at the time. The event did not last long enough for any attempt to measure its altitude and azimuth with an instrument. The flash was followed by oppositely directed streaks propagating generally easterly and westerly from there. The streaks faded and vanished in seconds. There were no unusual sounds during or after the event. I could not identify the source, but some sort of incident involving aircraft seems possible.

He hoped that the Australian search and rescue services could locate any survivors.

Wake Turbulence is finally available on Amazon, at least in softcover. The eBook release will follow shortly. The link to the paperback is https://www.amazon.com/dp/1737185822

The eBook formatting is still in work. My interior designer should send me the file later this week. As soon as I approve the Amazon proof it will be available and, of course, a good bit less expensive than the paperback. Either format, it’s a story I expect you will enjoy!

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