Cosmology is Cool!

As I get deeper into the research for Collision Course, my planned sequel to the soon to be released Wake Turbulence in the Alcubierre Metric Connection series, I am discovering fascinating properties of so-called “exotic matter” that has negative energy and negative mass.

If I were twenty-two and choosing now, I think I’d become a cosmologist rather than an atmospheric physicist. The atmosphere is a rewarding thing to study and understand – but we’ve lived with it all our lives. There’s wonder and beauty there, but not a great deal of genuine surprise and certainly little that generates a “no way – surely that can’t happen” reaction.

I don’t know whether this exotic matter exists in the real world – and neither does anyone else yet – but it is needed to make an Alcubierre warp bubble, so it is needed in Collision Course. I have to understand it well enough to get the science right in the story line and even more thoroughly if my characters are going to make it accessible to my readers. It’s hard work. I’m enjoying every minute of it.

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