Wake Turbulence Coming Soon

Wake Turbulence, the sequel to CATSPAW, may be available as early as Thanksgiving! The manuscript is scheduled for final editing in late September and the cover design should be in work before then. Meanwhile, here’s the current draft of the back-cover blurb:

A spectacular blast rips the heavens in broad daylight over the Indian Ocean south of Australia,  damaging military and civilian satellites of the world’s major powers. Their armed forces go on high alert globally.

The Russians blame the United States and accuse them of violating the Outer Space Treaty. The US government won’t confirm or deny it.

Louisiana Applied Physics Institute physicists Lee Markson and Katty Clarke are assigned by their department chairman to join the world-wide search for the origin of the event yet the more compelling the evidence they gather for the answer they suspect, the more vigorously he opposes it.

Without warning or explanation, the US Department of Defense confiscates and classifies data critical to their continuing investigation of the phenomenon and tries to discredit even the discussion of their suspicions. Then Markson disappears and Clarke finds her personal character under vicious attack in social media.

Find out why in the hard science fiction thriller, Wake Turbulence, an Alcubierre Metric Connection novel by the author of its highly rated prequel CATSPAW.

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